Detection & Indicators

We have developed and honed a set of research methodologies to identify and evaluate potential risk indicators (PRIs) of insider risk and threat. We offer objective feedback on the relative cost-benefit of third-party solutions for our sponsors’ Insider Threat/Risk Programs, and a more thorough evaluation and comparison of those third-party solutions.

Our methodologies include field studies, experiments, observation studies, questionnaire/surveys, interviews/focus groups, multidisciplinary literature reviews, and analysis of the data using a hybrid of quantitative (e.g., statistical) and qualitative approaches. This work requires generating new ecologically valid (e.g., realistic) insider threat data, analyzing existing insider threat data sets, and learning deeply about new insider threat problems to generate both appropriate and operational data-driven recommendations or solutions for our sponsors.

Some government and industry Insider Threat/Risk Program leaders are willing to take smart risks and experiment with their programs. These program leaders are willing to implement, test, and evaluate risky innovations if they can secure the appropriate expertise and business case from trusted advisers, like MITRE. This section covers innovative ideas MITRE has generated to make the world a safer place.